Alpine Valentine


Christmas holidays may be well and truly over, yet the sparkle of champagne bubbles and crisp winter nights keeps the romance of alpine life alive. As you cuddle up close in front of flaming fires, the promise of winter passion lingers through the dark snowy months.

With Valentine’s Day just over the horizon, a ski vacation is an unequaled moment to make that ultimate commitment to your forever person. Majestic mountains reaching up into the crisp skies; paradisiacal powder days followed by hot tubs and hot toddies; couple’s massages to mend those well-skied muscles. What better way to show your love than a winter engagement. 

A husky ride into the depths of the dark-green, snow-tipped forests. Hidden amongst conifer trees, a snow table. A bottle of the finest champagne chilling in a natural ice-bucket. As the sun sets, its last rays glisten. The crystal coupes capture the flickering, flaring chinks of light. Illuminating your love’s eyes as they realise what is happening. Down on one knee, you ask “Will you be my forever more?” …

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